Keeping your data secure

At Applai, your data's security remains our utmost priority. We rigorously adhere to the highest standards of data security, employing robust protocols and utilizing the most secure and reliable technologies available. As always, we are fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with the latest regulations.

Data control & ownership

Our Commitment to Transparency and Ownership

We, at Applai, respect and uphold your control and ownership over your data. In our commitment to transparency, we guarantee that as our customer, you are the ultimate owner of your data. Safe processing and storage of data on the Applai Chat platform is our pledge to you.

To ensure the utmost security of our customers’ data, we utilize the highest security standards of built-in security in Google Cloud Platforms and Microsoft Azure Services. All data is processed and stored solely on our own cloud server instances located within the EU.

We guarantee our customers’ data security, including all conversations (input & output chat messages), ensuring:

  • Data is never available to other customers.
  • Data is never used to train our AI models.
  • Data is never used to train OpenAI (like ChatGPT), Microsoft, or other 3rd parties’ AI models.

Security and Location of Data Flow including Processing & Storage in Applai Chat.

We are open to providing further auditing and reporting on our security processes upon individual requests.


Compliance and Assurance

All data is processed and stored in our own data server instances, exclusively located within the EU. We offer Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) with our customers and can provide detailed reporting on our data processing and storage security. You can thereby get a fully GDPR compliant AI solution from Applai.

GDPR Compliant


Avoiding Harmful Content Generation

We employ advanced content filtering to prevent the generation of harmful content. This means our AI models inherently prevent users from generating illegal or harmful content with Applai Chat. Content filtering occurs synchronously as the service processes prompts, ensuring no prompts or generated results are stored in the content classifier models or used to train, retrain, or improve these models. We can also offer specific content filters for individual organisations through our Rules feature, enabling you to fully control the behaviour of the AI model.


Safeguarding Your Data

We have developed robust security measures to protect your data. Utilizing Google Cloud's built-in security, we employ a multi-layer strategy for data protection. This includes protocols such as Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) to prevent unauthorized access, augmented by the Identity Platform for an additional layer of protection.

Google Cloud adheres to multiple compliance standards, including ISO 27001, SSAE 18 SOC1, SSAE 18 SOC2, SSAE 18 SOC3, and TISAX. Our use of the Identity Platform also covers BAA and PCI-DSS standards. We prioritize secure, robust, and reliable AI tool development, continuously investing in the best technologies to safeguard your data.

Security at Applai is not a one-time effort—it's an ongoing commitment. We promise transparency in our data handling practices and pledge to continuously improve our security measures. Your trust is crucial, and we are dedicated to earning and maintaining it.

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